Course No.



Course Title


Occupational Health and Safety Management

Course Code





2 Weeks



16 ~ 27 October, 2016

Nomination deadline


1~2 Weeks before commencing date

No. of Participants



Course fee


Tk. 8,500/- Per Participant

Designed for


Junior and mid-level officers of different industries & other establishments.

Course Objectives:

  • To improve knowledge about occupational health, industrial hazards, safety regulations & Management.
  • To learn safety in chemical process plant operation including house keeping
  • To acquaint the functions of different personal protective equipment 
  • To develop skills of safe handling of aggressive & toxic chemicals, gas cylinders etc.
  • To enhance knowledge about food safety and HACCP.
  • To increase the skills for rescue the victims & provide first aid.
  • To perform their jobs with more safety considerations for themselves and their community.

Course Content:

Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Management, Health and Safety Regulations, Management of physical hazards, i.e. Machinery hazards and guarding, Electrical hazards, Fire hazards, Construction hazards, Transport hazards, Chemical hazards,  Airborne dust/ particulate matter hazards, Occupational Health Management such as Occupational Diseases, Ergonomics, Specific health hazards, Safety and the management People i.e. Human factor,

Safety culture and Organizational issues, Food Safety and Hazard analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Occupational stress, Incident reporting and investigation Toxicology, Routes of entry of harmful substances, Exposure standards, Biological Hazards, Fire and explosion hazards & its prevention, Acoustic hazard and it’s control, Baseline test for employees, Housekeeping and its importance, Emergency planning and response, First aid, Personal Protective Equipment,

Practice on fire and explosion hazards, Practice on different portable fire extinguishers, Practice on fixed fire extinguishing system, Practice on Chemical incompatibility test, Practice on detection of formaldehyde in fruits and Milk by chemical analysis method, Practice on different safety equipment and PPE, Measurement of Noise Level, Case study

Training Methodology:

  • Class-room lecture (Multimedia projector, Overhead projector etc.)
  • Practical & Demonstration class
  • Group Discussion
  • Report preparation and presentation ; # Case study

Evaluation system:
Attendance, Class participation & Overall performance

Course Advisor
 : Executive Director 
Course Co-Advisor     :           Training Director
Course Director          :           Head of Industrial Safety and Health Department
Course Coordinator    :           Engr. Abdullah Al Mehedi, Executive Engineer (Chem.)