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Safe Handling of Chemicals in Laboratories & Other Establishment

Course Code   


IS- U122



1 Week



03 ~ 08 September, 2016

Nomination deadline


1~2 Weeks before commencing date

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Course fee


Tk. 5,500/- Per Participant

Designed for


Technicians and Operators of different industries and other establishments

Course Objectives:

  • To improve knowledge about industrial hazards, safety regulations & safety awareness.
  • To acquaint the functions of different PPE
  • To develop skills of safe handling & storage of toxic & hazardous chemicals, gas cylinders etc.
  • To build a comprehensive knowledge on chemical exposure monitoring & lab waste management.
  • To perform their jobs with more safety considerations for themselves and their community.
  • To disseminate safety awareness among their colleagues.

Course Content:
Introduction to industrial safety and safety rules, Identification of hazardous chemicals, Chemical hazards, Chemical fire involving water reactive chemicals, Safe Handling of industrial chemicals, Storage of chemicals with special focus on reactive chemicals, Safe disposal of chemicals, Fire and Explosion hazard and its prevention, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Exhaust and Ventilation system, Personal Protective Equipment, Pressurized Vessels: Hazard and Handling, 

Demonstration on personal protective equipment and fire extinction, Practice on Chemical incompatibility test, Practice on Different safety equipment

Training Methodology:

  • Class room lecture
  • Use of Multimedia & Overhead Projector
  • Recap Session
  • Review & Discussion

Evaluation system:

Attendance, Class participation & Overall performance

Course Advisor
         : Executive Director 
Course Co-Advisor     : Training Director
Course Director          : Head of Industrial Safety and Health Department
Course Coordinator   : Muhammad Ziaul Haq, Assistant Chemist.