Course No.



Course Title  


Industrial Boilers & Operation of Steam Generation system

Course Code


PT- U106



2 Weeks



08 ~ 19 May, 2016

Nomination deadline


1~2 Weeks before commencing date

No. of Course



No. of Participants



Course fee


Tk. 8,500/- Per Participant

Designed for


Operator/Technicians working in different industries and other establishments.

Course Objectives:

  • To develop the performance to do the job with more skill and confidence in the field of boiler operation
  • To acquaint different parts of industrial boiler.
  • To learn about internal & external treatment of boiler water.
  • To enhance knowledge about Boiler control system, Standard operating procedure, Safety & Preservation of industrial boiler etc.

Course Content:
Introduction to Industrial Boiler and steam system, Process symbols & Process diagrams, Familiarization with constructional parts of boiler, External treatment for boiler feed water, Internal treatment for boiler water, Combustion management of boiler, Burner & firing system of boiler, Control & Safety system of boiler, Standard operating procedure (SOP) of boiler, Boiler blow-down, heat recovery and de-aerator, Boiler energy efficiency, Cleaning & preservation of boiler, Sequential logic interlock system, Industrial Safety etc. Basic concept of industrial productivity; Industrial safety, Personal protective equipment and fire protection arrangement.

Training Methodology:

  • Class-room lecture (Multimedia projector, Overhead projector etc.)
  • Practical & Demonstration class
  • Group Discussion
  • Report preparation and presentation
  • Case study

Evaluation system:
Attendance, Class participation & Overall performance

Course Advisor
          : Executive Director 
Course Co-Advisor     : Training Director
Course Director          : Head of Operation & Process Technology Department
Course Coordinator    : Sangib Kumar Roy, Chemist.