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Alignment Technology of Rotating Machines

Course Code





2 Weeks



10 ~ 21 January, 2016

Nomination deadline


1~2 Weeks before commencing date

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8,500/- Per Participant

Designed for


Junior & mid-level officers working in different industries and other establishments

Course Objectives:

  • To gather basic knowledge about Alignment Technology of Rotating Machine.
  • To achieve practical knowledge about non-precision alignment method.
  • To acquire knowledge about the technique of mechanical fabrication and assembly.
  • Familiarization with different precision & non-precision alignment method.
  • To be familiarized with safety in mechanical maintenance.

Course Content:
Introduction to alignment techniques of rotating machine, Equipment used & terms related to mis-alignment, Importance of alignment for different types of coupling, General description of different methods of alignment, Centering of rotor and casing, Thermal effect on alignment,

 Alignment practice on turbine & compressor, Alignment of chain & sprocket, Alignment of coupling with feeler gauge & knife edge, Alignment of V-belt, Alignment by rim & face method of a machine train, Alignment of gear & pinion, Demonstration on LASER alignment. Industrial safety and safety in mechanical maintenance.

Training Methodology:

  • Class-room lecture
  • Practical & Demonstration class

Evaluation system:
Attendance, Class participation & Overall performance

Course Advisor
                 : Executive Director 
Course Co-Advisor            : Training Director
Course Director                 : Head of Mechanical Engineering Department
Course Coordinator           : Engr. Arup Kumar Pramanik, Deputy Chief Engineer (Mech.)