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Integrated Industrial Technology (Level-II)

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03 Months (Institutional) & 
09 Months (In-plant training)

Nomination deadline


Two weeks before commencing date

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As per BCIC requirement

Designed for 


BCIC Apprentice Grade-2 (HSC-Science or 2 yrs. Trade course with SSC)

Course Objectives:

  • To develop technical Knowledge and skill related to Industry To give an understanding about Industrial technology.
  • Participants will be able to know operation and maintenance of plant. Machineries and Mechanical technology. Electrical & Instrumentation system and equipments.

Course Content:
Process Technology:
Industrial process technology; Process symbols; Basic unit operations; Process equipment & machinery: Industrial safety. 

Instrumentation & Control Engineering:
Sensing & measurement of process parameters; Transmitters, receivers, controllers, control valves & valve positioners; Automatic process control

Mechanical Process Plant Engineering :  Tools & Tackles:  Fasteners & joints; Pipes & pipe fittings, Valves;  Filters & strainers; Welding & fabrication technique; Rotating machines: Static equipment.;  workshop machinery: 

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Electrical cables, conductors & insulators; Electrical measuring & testing instruments; Motors; Transformers; Protective devices; Electrical power system Electrical wiring; Electrical safety 

Analytical Chemistry & Environmental Science Chemicals & reagents; Solution; Basic principles of qualitative & quantitative analysis; Fundamentals of instrumental analysis. environmental pollution & industrial pollutants

Training Methodology:

  • Class-room lecture (White board, Overhead projector etc.)
  • Hands on Practice with Pilot plant, Machineries and Mechanical technology. Electrical & Instrumentation system and equipments. Laboratory analysis
  • Review & Discussion

Evaluation system:
Attendance, Class participation, Practical job & Written test.

Course Advisor          : Executive Director 
Course Co-Advisor     : Training Director
Course Director          : Will be decided later
Course Coordinator    : Will be decided later