Course No : 05

Course Title               


Quality Control and Management of Industrial & Drinking Water

Course Code              


CE- U307



2 Weeks 



24 Jan. ~ 04 Feb., 2016

Nomination deadline


1~2 Weeks before commencing date

No. of Course



No. of Participants 



Course fee         


Tk. 8,500/- Per Participant

Designed for 


Junior & Mid-level officers

Course Objectives:

  • To know the standards of industrial effluents and drinking water
  • To acquire knowledge on water quality monitoring
  • To develop knowledge on treatment and supply systems
  • To build a confidence in water quality analysis

Course Content:
Industrial water quality and treatment: Analysis and monitoring of raw water, treated water, boiler water, cooling water and process water for industries; Chemical doasing in water treatment; Jar test for Optimum Chemical Doasing; Quality control in water analysis: Correctness checking , expressing of analytical results; Problems of analysis and their solutions; Treatment and supply system; Organic constituents examination; Determination of metallic and non metallic constituents; Oil and grease test; Microbiological test of water; Quality checking of municipal and domestic water.

Training Methodology:

  • Class room lecture
  • Use of Multimedia & Overhead Projector
  • Recap Session
  • Practical & Demonstration Session
  • Review & Discussion

Evaluation system:
Attendance, Class participation & Overall performance

Course Advisor
                : Executive Director 
Course Co-Advisor           : Training Director
Course Director                : Head of Analytical Chemistry & Environmental Science Department 
Course Coordinator          : Badal Kumar Banik, Deputy Chief Chemist