Training Programmes

TICI conducts long courses of 1~2 years for new recruits and short upgradation training courses of 1~4 weeks duration, for personnel working in different industries/technical organizations. Training courses in general, maintain 1:1 ratio between theory and practice.

TICI also conducts special training courses to cater to specific needs of requesting organizations in addition to scheduled courses. Some common popular courses are also conducted, time to time, on nominal fees basis.

a)  Long courses:
Presently TICI conducts one year long courses for new recruits of 4 entry levels. Each long course is divided into 3 modules namely, Section-A, Section-B & Section-C. Section-A & Section-B of 4 and 6 months duration respectively constitute institutional training. Section-C of 2 months duration is in-plant training.

Name of long courses Eligibility Duration
Advanced Industrial Technology B.Sc. Engg./M.Sc. 1 Year
Industrial Technology B.Sc./Dip-in-Engg. 1 Year
Basic  Industrial Technology, level-II

H.S.C.(Sc.)  or 2 yrs. Trade course with S.S.C

1 Year

Basic  Industrial Technology, level-I S.S.C.(Science) 1 Year

b) Upgradation courses:
Upgradation courses are conducted for operators/technicians and supervisory personnel working in industries and other technical fields. The courses are designed in the light of actual requirement of the industries.


c)   Special courses:
Special courses are conducted for Engineering universities, Technical universities, General universities, Polytechnic Institutes.

hese courses include industrial visit & hands-on practice receives priority.

Name  of courses Eligibility Duration
Upgradation courses on specific subjects Officers, operators & Technicians 1~ 4  Weeks
Integrated Industrial Technology-1 Junior & midlevel officer 16  Weeks
Integrated Industrial Technology-2 Skilled operators/technicians 16  Weeks
Integrated Industrial Technology-3 Junior operators/technicians 16  Weeks
Special courses Students of diff. universities 2~ 4  Week

d) Tailor made course: To be arranged as per request of any organization with mutual discussion