With a view to improve efficiency & skill level of new recruits and working personnel of our industries through well-structured training on modern industrial technology, Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation took-up a new project in 1983to establish "Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI)". This project of 8.25 crore taka was approved by the ECNEC in 1986. To meet funding requirement on grant, the Govt. of the Netherlands divided the project into two phases and implementation of phase-I started in 1988. On completion of phase-I, training activities started in 1990. Prior to implementation of phase-II, the project profile was enlarged to a great extent in 1991 and the revised project cost raised to taka 40.02 crore.


Later, with the initiative of the Govt. of the Netherlands, a good number of training equipment for hands-on practice on modern technology, including Environmental Pollution Monitoring Laboratory, was incorporated in phase-II and ultimate project cost raised to taka 55.34 crore. Out of this, total cost of training equipment amounts to nearly taka 40.00 crore. Phase- II was completed in 1996. At present, the facilities, installed in 37 labs & shops under 7 technical departments, for practising industrial technology, has great scope of further utilization in national level, fulfilling the initial objectives of the project.